Portfolio Quick Fix

Developed by industry experts, this secure, confidential online questionnaire can save you thousands in fees, commissions, and lost return. Access the Survey of Industry Discounts.

Ask the Experts

Expert answers to your questions without costly fees or complicated relationships. No product selling, no pressure, just experts answering your questions confidentially and independently.

Easy DIY

IA gives you access to the information you need to invest on your own. Portfolios, ‘Beat the Pros’ listing of products, best/worst asset classes, new investor portfolios, and more.

Advisor Network

Our Screened Advisors’ put clients’ interests first. They support Investors-Aid by providing consumers with fair costs, indexing strategies where needed, and focus on people rather than selling products.

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Member Support

IA offers Member Support by phone or email. We will help you get the most value from our website and connect you with the products, services, and people that work for consumers.

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Our independent consumer research and expert help is easy to access for any budget. Find the package that will save you thousands in fees and lost returns...each and every year.

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